How to play American roulette? Here are rules and useful tips for you

While playing in online casinos or live casinos, you may have come across an American roulette wheel. What changes in this game compared to the more traditional European roulettes, namely the English and French ones? It is easy to say: in American roulette the main feature is the presence of a ‘ double zero ‘, that is a 00 box on the wheel. It takes a little mathematical intuition to understand that, if the basic rules are the same as for European roulette, statistical probabilities penalize the player’s play. Yet there are players who prefer this American version of roulette. Why? Find out here.

American roulette: the choice of bets

In the event that in poker the scheme also involves in the enquiry of the nature of the adversaries and in “reading” the poker arrangements of the opponents, and in scamming, in American roulette game all boils down to the selection of bets. As you understand, in any roulette as well as the American one happens to be no omission, there used to be two chiefcategories of inside and outside bets. The winning odds happens to bediverse for the diverse bets, as well as the house advantage, so to make as a minimuma few profit to play American roulette, you require counting not only on luck, but on the mathematical prospect of a consequence on which you bet also. The cornerstone of the scheme for a lucrative game of American roulette use to be to bet on the consequence with the highest prospect.

What strategies work on American roulette?

Most of the strategies designed for the game of roulette are not justified and, in general, look more like a superstition. For American roulette it is the same: the most famous strategy (for example, the famous Martingale strategy) in American roulette does not work, so it doesn’t even make sense to waste your time testing the following theories:

  1. a) The Martingale strategy is a famous betting system for the game of roulette, which is based on the player doubling the bet after each loss, in an attempt to compensate for the loss and make a profit (at least for the amount of the initial bet). Martingale strategy may give you an edge for a short time, but in American roulette which is a long game, it is absolutely useless. Don’t try to use it to beat the dealer.
  2. b) The “green sector” strategy is more like a superstition than actually a sequence of thoughtful actions. This strategy invites you to bet on the green sector, which in American roulette is zero and double zero which, according to tradition, are green. Some people believe that because the house edge in roulette is connected with the presence of these numbers, the player by putting on “green” is able to increase his or her chances of winning. In reality, the “green” sectors are no different from the rest, at least not from the point of view of the chances of winning.