How to play baccarat online

How to play or how to bet online baccarat it’s like playing baccarat in a real casino in every respect. The style of play may be close to how to play dragon tiger cards or playing blackjack cards online, but the main ways to play baccarat online on mobile and on pc are as follows:

  • Players choose to bet on player or banker.
  • Able to bet on other side bets (but can’t bet on two sides).
  • The dealer draws 1 card for each side until they have completed 2 cards.
  • The dealer opens the player’s first 2 cards and follows the banker’s card.
  • Which side gets 2 cards combined to be 8 or 9, immediately wins (if they have a tie)
  • If the player or banker has a score of less than 5 or 6 has the right to open a third card.

Example of how to play baccarat online

It can be seen that online baccarat. There use to be a very simple way to play. Know the result and win quickly. And for the rules of the third card show, players have to look carefully first. Because each table each provider of live casino there are usually slightly different rules here. And will be labelled in the following section.

Online baccarat payout rates

In respect of the payout rate when you go into betting baccarat online. Basically it will have the same basic playing baccarat. And if the side that you bet on sexy บาคาร่า wins you will have a winnings from the following payout rates.

  • Player: bet on player’s side, win 1: 1.
  • Banker: bet on banker side, win 0.95: 1 (eg bet 100 wins will get profit 95 baht)
  • Tie: the bet will always be 8: 1.
  • Player / banker pairs: bet on which side will get the first 2 cards as a pair of cards of the same number 11: 1 (bet 100 baht if it gets a profit of 1,100 baht)

In addition to the 4 basic baccarat betting options that can be found online some live casino rooms there may be other special options. To stab more as well depends on which live casino room will design a betting game to look more exciting